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Weekly Services

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Sunday School    09:15 am to 10:00 am
Worship Service    10:15 am to 11:30 am
Wednesday Bible Study 

 07:30 pm preceded by 7:00 pm Fellowship

Friday Youth Group    07:00 pm

Upcoming Events

27 May 2018
10:15AM - 11:30AM
Worship Service
03 Jun 2018
10:15AM - 11:30AM
Worship Service
10 Jun 2018
10:15AM - 11:30AM
Worship Service
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  • Join us this Sunday! We are here to serve Our Community. We are located at : 40 Sandbrook-Headquarters Road, Stockton, NJ 08559 USA Pastor : Bob DiSalvio Tel: 908-705-1208
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Hell will be Full of Believers

Hell 300

By James E. Brafford, II

We just celebrated April Fool’s Day, but let me propose something for you to think about that is not a joke…Hell will be full of believers.

"Believer" is an inadequate term to describe Christians because it doesn’t indicate the essence of a true Christian which is a "follower" of Jesus Christ. I believe in Satan, but I don't follow Him. James 2:19 says that demons “believe and tremble” at Jesus, but they don’t follow Him. Satan knows Jesus. He lived with Jesus in Heaven. He spoke to Him…and tempted Him. Satan is absolutely a “believer” in Jesus, but he’s not a “follower”.

The book of Revelation is clear about how things turn out in the future. As a result, I propose that when the following things occur, everyone will become an instant “believer”:

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Abiding in Sodom

2018 sodom 300

By Pastor Bob DiSalvio

Abide: “to accept without objection” – “to continue in a Place (Webster’s 7th Collegiate Dictionary)

Genesis 13:13 “But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly.” In studying the scripture there is a principle called “The Law of First Mention.” Genesis 13:13 is the first mention of the word sinner(s) in the Bible. It references those abiding in the ancient city of Sodom. Sodom was one of the “cities of the plain” located somewhere around the Dead Sea. The city was infamous for its pagan worship and its depravity. Zondervan Bible Dictionary (M.C. Tenney) notes its name became synonymous with “vice, infamy, injustice, and judgement”.

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Celebrating 285 Years In Our Community

Amwell is the friendly, praying, singing church, preaching and teaching Christ crucified, risen and coming again.

Come and Worship the Savior of the World with Us.

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Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Bob DiSalvio

Pastor Bob has been married to Jean since November 30, 1968. Jean is a Guidance Counselor at a local high school. Bob and Jean have three children: R. Christian (married to Robin), Lauren (married to Erik) and Timothy.

Bob served in the business world for 30 years until September 2000 when he became pastor of Amwell Church of the Brethren. He served as Chaplain of Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital from 2000 until its close in 2012. In 2010, Bob served as Moderator of the Atlantic Northeast District and now he is serving on the District’s Executive Board. His sermons can be heard weekly on Sundays, 7:30am on WDVR 89.7 FM or via podcast at


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  • 40 Sandbrook-Headquarter Rd
    Stockton, NJ 08559
  •     908 705-1208
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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